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March 28, 2007
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HP - Deathly Hallows Wallpaper by africansk8er HP - Deathly Hallows Wallpaper by africansk8er
Holy hell!! The covers for both the US and UK versions of the 7th Harry Potter book got released today. So I needed to make something to celebrate it. So I quickly made this nifty wallpaper. The book can't come soon enough.


The artwork done be Mary Grandpre for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Wallpaper made in Photoshop CS2.


Now lets talk about the cover. I like the curtains that sorta look like a closing curtain. It features Harry and Voldemore battling in a graveyard. I always said that the final battle will take place in a graveyard that is called the Deathly Hallows.

But also, someone brought up that those may not be gravestones, but actually heads. And looking closer at it, I would have to agree. Good catch!


Well, now the books out! Turns out that the background was the Great Hall. That was kinda disappointing for me because I kinda wanted a nice battle in some place we've never heard of. We were kinda mislead, we were discussing where it could be, but it was just the Great Hall.
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Y'know, I never noticed the broken wood and debris at the bottom. And there's a nice symmetry to this isn't there, cause the first book cover has curtains too. Although those don't look like the *same* curtains like these do, still.
darknessrisingabove Aug 31, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I read the book and it was great ^w^
the british version is in the Lestrange's vault. the one holding sword is Griphook. it's Gryffindor's sword.
RedneckOtaku Jul 19, 2007  Student General Artist
I love the latest cover. Your right, the curtains make it seam like they are saying "The End" like on a broadway production. And Deathy Hallows does sound like a place the final battle will take place, that's what I've been saying sicne the book title came out. I can't wait undtill tomorrow at the midnight party!!! I'm gonna be so sad when it's finaly over.
i think they're gonna have to go behind the veil, and their final battle is gonna take place there...
agentpython Mar 29, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
thats not ron with a sword it dobby or some house elf look behinde on harry arm and youll dee dobby holding that sword
my friend says to tell you she thinks it's in the department of mysteries, and those are people's heads in the background, and then she thought it's in the veil and it's being shown from sirius's point of view. unless you know for sure it's a graveyard. i dunno. the end.
i dont think its a grave yard...what could be perceived as headstones look more like people to me...DEs maybe? order members?
i think its possible that they could be at the british version of the cover is even more puzzleing...theyre in a treasure room of some sort, and ron has a sword of some kind...its interesting to say the least
Yeah, I just noticed that. It does look a lot like heads too. Who knows?
yup...who knows? JKR and Mary, and all the others that are editing and getting the book set up for us...argh to them...would be a perfect job, no?
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